#66DaysOfData — Day 4: Setting up my Jupyter Notebook

Since I already have some data to start playing around with, it is time to set up the environment I want to use for initial EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis).

I personally love working with Jupyter Notebooks for a simple reason, I get to write about the project, write the code, get instant feedback and all the visualization and graphics I need in just one simple place. Also, they are extremely easy to share for others to play with or just to check them out through Github.

I run Jupyter Lab through Anaconda, also a personal preference, since I can set up a VM environment for each project, which allows me to have the specific versions of any packages used, and if I always use that environment, the notebooks I use for the project should always work.

Since I will probably use a few different notebooks for this project, it is important to name them correctly. I would also suggest numbering them, so this one will be named 01 OCEAN Attrition.

Then on the first coding cell, I like to import the libraries I am sure to use for this initial EDA. In this case there are 4, numpy, for all the numbers and statistics functions it has, pandas for dataframes, since the data is structured and it is not actually all that big, this will be ideal, then the pyplot functions from matplotlib for plotting which will help exploration and finally seaborn for some more interesting visualization options. These are my tools to go, but there are plenty of others you can choose from.

And finally, the ever powerful magic command, %matplotlib inline, one of those incredible features I love about Jupyter Notebooks. This one allows you to plot visualizations right after the line of code, making all the info you need look good and well organized right there. A quick example of this for those not familiar with Jupyter:

Now we have our notebook set up and ready to look at some data.

Next Time — Getting a sense for the data.

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